Welcome to Margarita Paradise!

The delicious food names at Margarita Paradise are enough to make your mouth water. Huachinango al Veracruzana, Nopalito con Queso, etc. Margarita Paradise specializes in authentic Mexican Food. We only use the freshest of ingredients such as poblano peppers instead of the normally used regular green peppers and the Nopalitos Con Queso features fresh Nopals Cactus (a dish that you probably wouldn`t find with fresh Cactus at any other restaurant). The texture of our Nopalitos Con Queso is like green beans, we take the thorns out for our customers!

Our Authentic Mexican Restaurant consists of a wide variety of menu items at a great price! The most expensive entrée on our menu comes in at $13.95. The Owners, Amil and Dulce Alarcon have a lot of experience in successes. The Alarcon family`s success is based on their delicious authentic Mexican food and friendly atmosphere.

At Margarita Paradise you will be welcomed like you`re just part of the family. The atmosphere is fun...we have had many compliments from our customers about our great service and food.

For a "true" Authentic Mexican Restaurant, visit Margarita Paradise!